About - Names.of.London

Names.of.London was founded by me, James Stevens. For the ten years, before starting Names.of.London, I had been CTO at the dot-IO Domain Registry which registers and sells all the domain names ending dot-IO.

Names.of.London is a Domain Name Registry – this means we sell internet domain names that can be used in the same way as any other domain name (e.g. dot-COM).

People are most familiar with a registry that sells domain names in a Top Level Domains, e.g. dot-COM, or your country's top level domain e.g. dot-UK or dot-DE – Names sold within a top level domain are called Second Level Domains. However, there are many registries that sell or otherwise provide domain names in Second Level Domains, some countries do this – e.g. CO.UK or ORG.AU - domains sold in a second level domain are called Third Level Domains.

Often third level domains are provided so you can have your own domain name within a service provided by the parent domain – e.g. a site that provides a blogging service, say called “”, may offer you a website named after your account like


As more and more access the internet is made from mobile devices, we see a growing demand for website and domain names that are made of natural language instead of the geeky computer code style of traditional dot-COM websites.

That is, websites names that match the sort of phrases people use in every day life, like Gifts.for.Men or Flowers.for.Mom – so this is the service we provide. Please use our search facility to see if a name you are interested in is available.


Our policies for name allocation, renewal & transfer as well as dispute resolution follow as closely as possible the polices set out by ICANN for the new Generic Top Level Domains.

James Stevens