Marketing Affiliates FAQ

Q1 … How much do I earn?

As soon as you sign up, you will get a 10% rebate on all domains you buy from then onwards and a 10% commission on all domains that are bought as a result of a recommendation / referral from you.

If new affiliates sign-up as a direct result of your recommendation, you will receive an 2% commission on all their sales, as well as them receiving the standard 10% commission. We call these affiliates your “Affiliate Network”.

The commission applies to new sales as well as renewals. This includes commission as a direct result of your recommendation, or indirect sales that result from recommendations by your affiliate network.

By building a network of active affiliates, and earning commission on both sales and renewals, you have the opportunity to build a thriving business that generates income well into the future.

Once your sales average more than $100 over four weeks, you can choose to get either a 5% discount off the price of domains or increase your commission to 15%

Once your sales average more than $250 over four weeks, you can choose to get either a 10% discount off the price of domains or increase your commission to 20%

The price discount would apply to domains you personally buy as well as domains bought by end-user referred by you.

Q2 … How is the money paid

To begin with, the money is paid into an on-line account held with us. Our standard Web interface (WebUI) gives you statements and a performance report.

You can use the account to purchase domain names from us, or we can issue the balance as a cash rebate via PayPal. Cash payments are usually only paid on balances over $100.

Your account can be held in US Dollars or UK Pounds – the default is US$.

Q3 … How do you track my referral

As per the industry standard, we use browser cookies to track you referral. The cookie expires after 7 days, but is renewed every time the referred users visits our site.

All end-user purchases made while the cookie is live are counted as referrals, not just domains you have recommended.

Q4 … If I buy a domain and sell it on, do I still get commission on the renewals?

Yes. All the domains you own, whether they were bought before you joined our affiliate program, or after, will be affiliated to you, even if they are transferred to a different account. So you will earn a commission when they are renewed.

The only exception to this is if they are transferred to a registrar account.

Q5 … What's the difference between an Affiliate and a Registrar

An Affiliate is paid a commission on a sale, made through our site. We set the price of the domain name and we usually are the ones taking the payment from the end user, although an Affiliate can act as a reseller, purchasing domains on behalf of their customers. An Affiliate is not required to run and special computer system – all the normal “registrar” service, like maintaining the domain options, web & email forwarding etc is done through our systems and we provide all the necessary equipment and customer services.

With a registrar, we agree a price with the registrar, but the price they charge to the end user is up to them and they take the payment from the end user. They usually require an appropriate computer system to do this. The domain owner would then log into the registrar's computer system to set their domain options and the registrar would be expected to provide all the normal domain service – e.g DNS hosting, web & email forwarding etc.

Q6 … Do you have an API for automation

Yes – we support the industry standard API which is called “EPP” - RFC-5730-5734 & RFC-5910. We do not automatically create an EPP account for Affiliates, but one can be created on request.

If an affiliate wishes to purchase domain names over EPP, this must be done from credit in their account. Domain Names purchased over EPP can only be maintained over EPP, or through a separate “reseller” WebUI which provides a higher level of security then our standard retail WebUI – e.g. logins can only be used from specified IP Addresses.