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What We Offer

Affiliates will receive a 10% commission on all domain sales that result from a referral – this includes 10% of the renewal fees, if the domain is renewed for the lifetime of the domain, or until it is sold / transferred. This also includes a 10% commission on an affiliate's own purchases.

Domain purchases due to an affiliate's referral will hold “affiliated status” to the referring Affiliate for the lifetime of the domain, until the domain expires or is transferred.

If an Affiliate buys a domain for themselves, they will automatically have affiliate status on that domain. They will get a 10% commission on the purchase and renewal of the domain, and the domain will keep their affiliate status if it is transferred to another affiliate, or end-user. However, if the new owner sells or transfers the domain, the affiliate status will be lost.

All commission is paid in the form of a rebate into an on-line account held at Names.of.London. The commission can be used to purchase/renew Names.of.London domains, or taken out in cash when it exceeds US$100. Cash payments to Affiliates will be made via PayPal only.

Affiliate accounts can be held in GBP (UK£) or USD (US$). If an end-user opts to pay in a different currency than the currency of the Affiliate's account, the commission currency will be converted at the official rates stipulated by the UK Tax Authority (HMRC) – these are updated by HMRC every month & published on-line – or google “UK HMRC official exchange rates”

If an Affiliate has sufficient credit in their account to pay for a transaction (purchase or renewal), our registry system will automatically pay for the transaction from the credit in the Affiliate's account. Transactions paid for from an affiliate's account will attract the same commission as cash purchases.

If an Affiliate wishes to make multiple purchases, they can add credit to their account, either by PayPal or by bank transfer, and then pay for future transactions from their account credit.

We support the industry standard electronic API for maintaining domain names which is called EPP. If an Affiliate wishes to purchase domain name over EPP, this must be done from credit in their account.

How We Track a Referral

Referrals are tracked using a cookie in the referred user's web browser. The cookie lasts for one week (7 days) and is refreshed every time they interact with our site, for whatever reason. The cookie is sent to the user as soon as they click on a referral link provided by an Affiliate. Instruction on how to make referral links (URLs) is included in our Web Interface.

Any sale counts as a referral if the purchase is made before the cookie times out and so the referring Affiliate will be paid commission and the domain will be affiliated to the referring affiliate for the lifetime of the domain. Affiliates can refer end-users to the site, or any page on the site, or refer end-users to purchase a specific domain name.

Purchases made by the end-user coming directly to the site themselves will not attract commission, unless they are returning before the cookie times out.

Unless the end-user has chosen to reveal their email address in the WHOIS information of their domain, privacy laws mean we can not reveal an end user's email address to the affiliate who referred them. However, an affiliate can see the list of domains that are affiliated to them and we provide a web interface to send an email to the owner of any of these domains.

A domain will continue to hold affiliated status while it is still owned by the same end-user. If they sell the domain on, or otherwise transfer the domain, the affiliate status will be lost. Except, if an Affiliate purchases a domain, then sells it on, the domain will keep its affiliated status, and commission will be paid on renewal of the domain. Unless it is transferred to a registrar account, in which case the affiliated status will be lost.

There is no disadvantage to the end-user of owning a domain that holds “affiliated status”. Mostly they will not even know. The Affiliate's commission is paid for from the profit of the sale, not by surcharging the end-user. End-User prices for Affiliate status domains are the same as for non-affiliate domains. Where an Affiliate has earned a discount on their prices (see below), end users who purchase as a direct result of a referral by that Affiliate will also enjoy the discounted price.

An end-user who owns domains, who later signs up as an Affiliate, will have their own affiliate status added to all their existing domains – giving them a 10% rebate on all renewals, even if they sell the domain on. Domains they own, that already hold affiliate status with another affiliate, will not have their status changed – so the original referring Affiliate will continue to receive the commission.

Additional Discounts

Affiliates that do more than $100 worth of business for two consecutive periods of four weeks, will be entitled to a 5% discount on their prices (in addition to their rebated commission). This discount will apply to their own purchases as well as the end-users they refer. OR they can opt to increase their commission to 15%.

Affiliates who do more than $250 worth of business for two consecutive periods of four weeks are entitled to a 10% discount on their purchases and the purchases of their referrals. OR they can opt to increase their commission to 20%.

The commission they are paid will be calculated on their discounted price, not the standard retail price.

The purchase of a premium domain name, of sufficient value, will count towards their total business as much as buying a number of domain names at the standard price. Purchases by the affiliate themselves, as well as purchases by end users they refer, are all taken into account when calculating their entitlement to discount.

Tax Status

If your local national tax status requires that you charge tax on any earnings you receive (e.g. sales commission), you must account for the amount you receive as if it includes tax, i.e. as if it is a gross figure.

Sales commission will be calculated on the cost to the end-user not including tax – i.e. on the net-amount. However, as most Names.of.London sales are international, they do not attract sales tax, so this makes no material difference, as the net & gross cost to the end-user are the same.

Affiliate Networks

An “Affiliate Network” is a group of affiliates that have all been referred to & joined our Affiliate program as a result of a referral by an existing Affiliate, in a parent-child type hierarchy.

We refer collectively to a parent affiliate's group of child affiliates as the parent's “Affiliate Network”. For legal / privacy reasons we can not reveal the contact details of the child-affiliates, but the standard web interface provides a facility for the parent to send them emails.

The “child” affiliate will receive the normal 10% commission on their own referrals. In addition the “parent” affiliate will receive 2% commission on the “child” affiliate's referrals, including new & renew. The “parent” will also continue to receive 10% commission on their own referrals.

The “child” affiliate must sign up as an affiliate as a direct referral URL from the “parent”, or while the referral cookie is still active. If they sign up as an affiliate at some point in the future, this would not count.

The additional 2% parent commission is paid from the profit of Names.of.London. It is not taken from the “child” affiliate's commission, and it is not a surcharge to the end-user. So the total cost, to Names.of.London, of a “child” affiliate's referral is 12%.

If the “child” affiliate refers an end-user to become an Affiliate, the “child” will be the “parent” to the new affiliate, but the child's “parent” (i.e. the “grand-parent” affiliate) will have no relationship with the new (grand-child) affiliate. i.e. parent-child affiliate relationships only go one layer deep. Commission is paid only to a “parent” affiliate and no higher up.

e.g. John is an affiliate. John refers Mary to become an affiliate. John will continue to get 10% commission on all his own referrals. Mary will get 10% commission on all her own referrals. In additional John will get 2% commission on Mary's referrals.

Mary refers Sarah to become an affiliate. Mary will continue to get 10% commission on all her own referrals. Sarah will get 10% commission on all her own referrals. In additional Mary will get 2% commission on Sarah's referrals. John will get no commission on Sarah's referrals, but John will continue to get 10% on all his own referrals, and 2% on all Mary's referrals.