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Keyword Domain Name Links.of.London shows how a brand name can have an exact-match domain name. This give instant brand recognition, easier entry on mobile devices and an SEO boost.

We have many Keyword Domains that exactly match existing brands, or you can start a new business / brand based on one our our Keyword Domain Names, like our brands Names.of.London and Phrases.for.Sale

NOTE: Names.of.London Ltd has no connection whatsoever with Links of London or any of their associated companies, distributors or stockists.


All our Keyword Domain Names are automatically clickable in Twitter and make an extremely memorable call-to-action to include in an article, poster or leaflet. They also work automatically with a range of URL Shortenting / Click-Tracking services like, etc.

Especially popular with mobile users, Keyword Domain Names are easy to read, say, remember, tell your friends about and enter into a phone.

Click the Keyword Domain Name for more information, or use our search facility to find a name that matches your business, product, event or promotion.  


We are currently looking to recruit Marketing Affiliates who are interested in earning commission by promoting our Domain Names, either directly or to a network of affiliates.