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About our Phrases

Our short web phrases work in any browser and re-direct people to your on-line blog, twitter feed, products, services, site or events.

Being easy to read & easy to say, they are ideally designed for bridging from traditional media like TV, Radio, poster or billboard to your on-line presence.

And they're great for Social Media, like Twitter, as they are directly clickable phrases, but read like normal language and give you a free Search Ranking boost - more info.

Here's some examples -,,,,,,,, - more examples.

Compatible with ALL browsers - Single annual fee - no per-click limits or charges - email & web phrases that sell at

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How Our Phrases Benefit Business

Twitter Friendly

Using natural language, our readable phrases are directly clickable and can be included in the text of a tweet without using up characters or needing an ugly style short cut.
Engaging people on twitter and hashtags are great, but turning leads into sales usually requires drawing them over to your site

Human Readable

Our natural language phrases look great, are easy to remember and are easy to say - to other people & to our phones
85% of our are used on high-end mobile devices - typically the latest phones from the likes of Apple or Samsung.
Get the chatter going about your products with a shortcut to your website people can actually say

Traditional Media

When you advertise on the Radio, TV or on billboard / posters engage customers with a short snappy phrase they can remember.
Long URLs are difficult to remember and QR codes are cute, but hard to tell your friend about.

Creating the link

How it all works

If people can say it, they can remember it - if they can remember it, they can tell their friends about it - get the chatter going

Our team

Olivia Trimble

Olivia recently joined us from another start-up to head up our new media and social media marketing effort.

Zoe Pearman

Zoe handles our resellers and account customers, keeping them happy and helping them promote our products and concepts.

Patrick Barnet

Patrick is experienced in business finance, a specialist in start-ups, he takes responsibility for our financial planning and covers our general manager requirements.

We also have various technical elves who work behind the scenes, but prefer to remain anonymous.

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