Get a better response to your offline advertising


When it comes to an online campaign, or website, everybody understands the importance of a clear call-to-action. The choice of options is almost overwhelming and there have been a huge number of A/B studies into a wide range of different options.

Its not hard to find a multitude of articles with titles like “31 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click


The Problem

However, when it comes to offline marketing the call-to-action seems to be given much less importance. In one article I found, on top-tips for offline marketing, the number one tip was “Include a call-to-action”. The No.2 tip was to have a connection to a direct online conversion process for the campaign.

But whether its clip-out-coupons, phone numbers, email addresses, the company's website or a full URL, there seems to be too little imagination going into the creative process when it comes to, what is probably, the most important part of the campaign – the call-to-action.

Increasingly these days, the offline campaign is there to draw people to the online content, as this is where, more often than not, the conversion to a sale is going to take place.

Sadly, most of the existing options leave people cold. What's needed is something new.


The Solution

This is where a brand new product, called a clickable phrase from UK start-up Names.of.London, comes in. These are short natural language phrases that can be entered directly into the browser of any phone or PC. They take people directly to the online content that corresponds to the product that originally sparked their interest.

Here are some examples -,,,,,,,,,

In their simplest use, these phrases work a like a web/URL shortener, like They can be added to any offline marketing material to help customers engage with the material they are interested in. Instead of dumping people at the front page of a company website, hoping they will find the product, or giving them a long URL to try and remember, people are taken directly to the relevant content.

Not only are these phrases easy to read, remember, understand, announce on radio & TV and tell your friends about, they are also automatically clickable when repeated on social media platforms like Twitter, or when sent as messages in apps like mobile Facebook Messenger. So when you message one of these phrases to a friend, they will be able to click on it right away.



  • You can have a clickable phrase that matches your existing slogan or strap line.
  • They can convey meaning and emotion, in a way a URL can not
  • They are much shorter than a full URL
  • They are not case-sensitive
  • The full-stop is on the front page of most mobile keyboards
  • Made of real words, they are easier to enter on a mobile device – they can be spoken and, when typed, the phone will know the words
  • They can take people directly to the content relating to the product they saw
  • They are much easier to say than a full URL, so they can be easily spoken on the radio & TV, or appear on posters, leaflets or advertising hoardings.
  • The natural language makes them easier for people to remember, pass on to friends, talk about or write down.
  • They can be used as an addition to a company's standard website – there is no need to replace your dot-COM branding.
  • When included in social media, e.g. tweets, they automatically become clickable
  • Research by shows that attractive links on social media get a 34% higher click-through-rate
  • Phrases that contain matching words will boost your SEO ranking
  • This represents a step-change in the options available for your offline call-to-action.

    An Example Use-Case

    To show how these phrases can be used we created an imaginary campaign.

    A brewery wishes to open the summer season with a “buy 4, get one free” promotion on one of its premium bottled beers. To do this they provide an on-screen bar-code for mobile phones that can be scanned at the till when ordering.

    They choose the clickable phrase “” to use in the campaign. Its conveys feelings of taking time out, stopping with friends and a better work life balance – values they would like to associate with the brand, especially over the summer.

    Customers just have to enter the phrase into their phone to get access to the discount voucher bar-code. They can also easily message the phrase to their friends.

    This gives the brewery the opportunity to connected directly with their customers, through their phone, and offer them the opportunity to receive discounts and offers in the future.



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