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What are these “phrases for sale” ?

Our phrases are short natural language phrases that take you directly to a relevant part of a web site, or to a specific web page. Just sending the customer to your front page can mean they never actually find the product they wanted to buy.

For example, if you see a poster advertising a watch for men, it may have (at the bottom) the phrase: – People can enter this, directly into their browsers, to get more information about that specific watch.

Or, if a TV shopping channel is showing a Louis Vuitton bag, they may show the phrase:, to take people to a web page where they can buy the exact bag being shown.

Owning one of our clickable phrase is like a cross between owning a hashtag and owning a search term (neither of which are possible).

By being easy to remember, easy to use and easy to say, our phrases provide a seamless connection between real-world marketing and your on-line presence.

How do they work?

This is the easy part – you just enter them into any browser.

When you buy the phrase, you nominate a specific web-page or website and that's where the phrase will automatically take people.

All browsers are already adapted to work with our phrases, whether you are on

a PC, tablet or phone.

The dots (instead of spaces) are there so your browser knows you mean it as one of our phrases instead of a generic search.

So means “take me to that fabulous Louis Vitton bag I saw earlier”, not “do you know anywhere I can buy any Louis Vuitton products”

Why not just use a normal web site (URL) ?

How can my business start using these phrases?

Our phrases are sold exactly like Domain Names.

You buy them on an annual subscription basis. Once bought, they belong exclusively to you – so long as you keep up your subscription.

If the phrase belongs to you, there are no per-click charges – all phrases are valid for unlimited use for the single annual fee.

If the phrase you want has already been purchased, it may be possible to buy or rent it from the existing owner.

If the phrase has not yet been registered, you also have the option of using it for a 30-day FREE trial.

Can I add extra words to my phrase?

Yes – if you own the phrase, it can be extended at the beginning or the end.

Extensions at the beginning must have a dot between the extension and the

phase. Extensions at the end must begin with a slash (/).

For example, if you own the phrase: and you wanted to refer to only Rolex watches, you could use either or

Your phrase can also be used in conjunction with other services like Bitly Enterprise Edition, which can be used to provide analytics.

What about foreign characters or languages, do they work?

Yes – the first word can be in any language and contain a wide range of different national language characters – however, for the last two words we currently only offer English phrases (see next item).

However, remember, people will need to be able to enter them into their computer or phone, and may want to be able to say them.

Can I use any phrase?

Currently only certain endings are available from us, but new ones are

being added the whole time.

For example, Names.Of.London (, the leader in this

emerging market, currently sell phrases with any of the following endings ...

To see if one is available to buy, you simply type it into any web browser – e.g. or

Is there a limit on the number of words or letters?

No, but if you extend the clickable phrase at the beginning the entire clickable phrase can not be more than 255 characters, including the dots, and each word (between the dots) can not be more than 63 letters.

If you extend the clickable phrase at the end, there is virtually no limit to how long it can be.

Of course, the aim is to try and make something short and snappy, so these

limits should not be a problem.