Powering the Three-Word-Phrase onto the Internet


Our culture is almost defined by snappy three-words phrases, and the three-letter-acronyms that remind us of them –

Whether its the self-help slogan ...

  • Nobody is Perfect
  • Change is Good
  • Try Something New
  • Let it Go
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Do Your Thing (above the Mets clubhouse door)
  • Or the powerful advertising slogans

  • Real. Comfortable. Jeans. (Wrangler)
  • Just do it! (Nike)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McD)
  • Obey your thirst (Sprite)
  • Not to forget “OMG” which is practically the chant of a generation. There is simply no getting away from the power & snap of the three-word-phrase.

    Its core strength and beauty comes from being short enough to remember, but long enough to be meaningful. But not just meaningful in a bland and obvious way, but to have complexity and depth to its meaning.

    “Obey your thirst” not only tells you about the thirst quenching effects of the drink, but by leading with “obey” it suggests an irresistible force urging you to make a purchase.

    They are short enough to be instantly understood and instantly memorable, giving them great stick-ability, but short sharp phrases have the ability to evoke emotions in a powerful way, that longer phrases simply lack. “obey your thirst” is almost an aggressively issued command that a longer slogan would lack.

    UK start-up What3Words has even developed a global locality identification system based on thee-word-phrases – for example, engine.doors.cubs is The White House, fence.gross.bats is Buckingham Palace, London. But these are not clickable phrases like the ones we have to offer - you need special software to decode them, where as ours work in any browser.

    Here at Names.Of.London with our brand Phrases.for.Sale, we aim to bring the power of the three-word-phrase in to Internet space. Our unique technology takes advantages of the human readability of a wide range of the recently release new top-level domains to be able to offer companies the opportunity to register human readable three-word domain names and web-shorteners.

    With our three word clickable phrases, not only can you convey meaning about your business, event or project but your phrase also works in any browser to take people directly to your on-line content.

    For example, not only projects the excitement around the possibility of a large win at the tables, but can also be entered directly into any browser to take people directly to your casino site. Many social media sites, like Twitter recognise these clickable phrase so will automatically link them through to you.

    Studies by have shown that more attractive links give a 34% higher click-through-rate than a standard web-shortener. That's 34% more visitors to your site for each posting.

    We're already seeing them glowing in popularity, especially in some key demographics with money to spend – 88% of our users are on high-end mobile devices, 51% are on iPhones, 35% are 25 to 34 year-olds – these are people young enough to have missed the original dot-COM boom of the 90s – they are the generation that have grown up on social media and smart phone apps. A further 25% are in the 35-44 age range.

    A short snappy three word phrase at the bottom of your poster will not only make it easier for people to remember your website, but they can also enter it more easily into a mobile device, and more easily tell their friends about. A catchy three word phrase will get the chatter going about your business and bring the customers in.

    If you want to attract new business to your Nikes eBay store, your are far more likely to be successful with a catchy phrase like than try to get people to enter the full eBay URL.

    So come over to and check out what we have to offer.



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