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What is a Readable-Domain-Name?

A readable-domain-name is a domain name (website name) that looks and reads more like spoken language than computer code.

We are Names.of.London – not – both work, and will take you to our web site, but one is easy to remember and shouts our brand and the other, not so much.

Our name is not too bad, when you start seeing, things are getting ridiculous - and YES, it is a real working domain!

Our culture is almost defined by snappy three-words phrases, and the three- letter-acronyms that remind us of them –

Whether its the self-help slogan ...

Or the powerful advertising slogans

Not to forget “OMG” which is practically the chant of the generation.

There is simply no getting away from the power & snap of the three-word-phrase.

Readable-Domain-Names bring this power to your Internet presence.

But why change, what's wrong with the old dot-COM?

The internet used to be dominated by the techies, but now its for everybody, and the way web sites are used, and named, needs to change to follow this demographic shift.

Soccer-Moms and Fitness Instructors don't want to have to deal with computer code, they expect to use real natural language.

There are also benefits to be had ...


Advantage ONE – Far more choice in ways to name your website

With the domain market so dominated by speculators and domain investors, its been a long time since any meaningful, short or pronounceable dot-COM domain has been available anywhere other than at an expensive auction.

With the advent of the new gTLDs, and readable-domain-names, there's been an explosion in the number of available names and changed the landscape in ways we're yet to imagine.

This means not only an escape from the expensive auctions, but much greater variety in the choice of names. You can now brand your website by City (e.g. London, NYC, Paris), by business area (e.g Travel, Blog, Marketing, Law etc) or by sport (e.g Football, Soccer, Tennis).

Advantage TWO – It says what it does

Everybody knows the rule for your domain name - “Up to eight letters, ends in dot-COM”

But to us this sounds more like the bad old days of the 1980s and those terrible MS-DOS file names. Wasn't it a relief when Windows came along and we could use proper descriptive file names?

No longer SFQ32016.DOC, but “Sales Forecasts, Third Quarter 2016.doc”

Does FEEPLOQY.COM sell bagels by bike in the San-Francisco Bay area or are they a mobile dog neutering service?

Why not have a readable-domain name Bagels.for.Sale or Snip.the.Dog?

Now it does what it says on the tin.

Advantage THREE – People can say it

With more than half of all internet access from a mobile device, people are increasingly using speech as the preferred way to input.

Good luck saying FEEPLOQY.COM, far easier to say “bagels for sale”

We are already seeing thousands of visitors a day to our domains, for this very reason. Mostly young people on high-end mobile devices, because they can now speak the name of our web site into their phones.

At least 85% of our visitors are from “High-End Mobile” devices - this means the latest in top notch phones. These are people who have money to spend, but are probably not technically orientated.

Advantage FOUR – Search Engine Optimisation

If your domain name matches the search phrase someone entered, a readable-domain-name can provide a real boost to your search ranking.

For this reason we are already seeing some of our domain names hitting both No.1 and No.2 ranking against matching Google searches, even though we don't have any relevant content.

Now consider a common search term like “homes for sale”. If your business provides matching relevant content, and your domain is Homes.for.Sale, the benefits become obvious. Not to mention the free visitors you'll get what already come with the name - on that name, currently that's about 800 visitors a week. Priced at $0.10 per visitor (which is quite a low estimate), that would save you over $4000 per year in paid-for clicks alone.

Advantage FIVE – Brand Clarity

If your brand is “Claires of London”, then consider the alternatives



... or....



With a readable-domain-name, the only thing you are promoting is your brand and the brand is presented clearly, cleanly and easily readable.

Readable-Domain-Names also avoid the nightmare scenario of the #SusanAlbumParty (#susanalbumparty)

Or the “Experts Exchange” which was forced to add a hyphen to its domain name

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    Do they really work?

    Yes – Readable-Domain-Names work in exactly the same way as all other domain names & websites. All web browsers on PCs, tablets or phones already work with them.

    What about having to add the dots?

    You can use this issue as a talking point at a product launch or press presentation – people will try it, just to see if it really does work.

    The dots are so the browser knows the difference between a readable-domain name and a generic search.

    Homes.for.Sale means your site, selling the real estate you are listing. “homes for sale” means “do you know anybody whose got any homes for sale”.

    Make it a feature. Brand your on-line presence to include the dots. Its a bit different and it stands out.

    The result is that your tweets can include your brand in a natural, readable way, that will also be clickable.

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    • our latest batch of all come with river views



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