You can now buy Clickable Keyword Phrases


What are they?

Using our innovative new technology we can now give you the ability to own short three word internet phrases that directs people to any online content of your choice.

That means, anybody who open their internet and uses your phrase will be sent to an Internet location (URL) of your choice. That can be a YouTube video (, a Website (Phrases.for.Sale or Land.for.Sale), Social media page or any other location you choose (Profit.from.Marketing or Watches.for.Men). It doesn't have to be the front page of a website, but can be a page about a service / event, or the index of a product group, likes Shoes.for.Men.

You can even direct your phrase through popular click-tracking services like Rebrandly or Bitly to get a full analysis of the traffic your phrase is bringing to your business.

For a fixed annual fee, you own the phrase. This gives you unlimited clicks for a fixed price, with no hidden additional costs. If anybody opens their internet and enters your phrase, they will be taken directly to the content you have chosen. For example, the phrase Land.for.Sale will take you directly to the website of, as they are the owner of that phrase. The phrase will play the new single by Nadine Coyle called (you guessed it) “Go To Work”.

When anybody uses your phrase in Twitter it automatically becomes a clickable link. Hashtags are great for joining in conversations, but they keep people within Twitter – with a clickable phrase you can bring people out of Twitter to your site, and engage them more with your content.

Why the dots?

The dots are the difference between your specific phrase and a generic search. So Land.for.Sale (or, the case of the letters doesn't matter) means the specific land that is for sale at LandCentuary, whereas “land for sale” means “find any land that might be for sale, or any article about land & selling it, etc”.

So when you use your phrase on a poster, billboard or tweet the dots ensure people are taken to your product / service / event, not your competitors.

Why three words?

We chose three word phrases because three is the magic number when it comes to catchy phrases. It gives you enough words to be able to make an interesting, expressive and unique phrase, but its short enough to be really easy to remember, type-in and tell your friends about. Probably the most memorable slogan in history is “Just Do It”.

All our phrases are made of natural language, which also makes them ideal for using on a mobile handset, as they can be spoken, and they are easier to enter as your keyboard will already know the words – unlike some of the names these trendy start-ups are using.

How did it start

When the internet started the choice of endings for websites (known as top-level-domains) was quite limited. Not only was it limited, but the endings also looked like geeky computer code – mostly because it was the geeky computer code folk who invented the internet in the first place, Until 1996 when the World Wide Web was invented, they were the only people using it.

All that started changing a couple of years ago when website endings, using natural language words, started to become available. That meant it became possible to buy website names of two words that made a cool phrase, like, and – However, there were two big downsides to this.

Firstly, with only two words – and a very limited choice on the second word - the range of phrases available is quite limited. This created the second problem – the two word phrases tend to be really expensive. Recently sold for $50,000 – its a great phrase, but this is outside the range of most small business' marketing budgets.

By extending to three words we've solve both these issues. Creating a much more plentiful supply which brings prices right down.

With three word phrases you can also make use of word combinations that otherwise might have ended up being a lot less interesting, for example, “of.London”. As a two word combination “of.London” is kind of interesting, but doesn't really mean very much. But as soon as you add another word at the beginning, it suddenly blossoms and you get phrases like Tours.of.London, City.of.London or Mayor.of.London

How can these help your business?

The key benefit of our phrases is that they are easy to read, remember, tell your friends about and enter into a phone. This means when people are out and about, if they see one of these phrases they are far more likely to react to it than a generic website name that might be harder to interpret or remember.

Having a catchy phrase, in addition to your traditional website branding, also means you can take people directly to a website that is relevant to what caught their interest, instead of just landing them at the front page and hoping they find their way to the content they are looking for.

For example, a poster or billboard with the phrase Tours.of.London or Watches.for.Men would be easier for people to read, and react to, than some complicated web address with all sorts of slashes and dots. This makes our phrases a great way to draw people from offline advertising to online content – from where they can make a purchase!

But our phrases aren't just useful in your offline marketing, they're great online as well – not only do they automatically work in all web browsers, but they are also automatically made clickable on many social media platforms and messaging apps. For example, here's a tweet we regularly put out listing the top-5 phrases we've seen people using that we haven't yet sold.

As you can see – all the clickable phrases are, well, clickable – and that doesn't just apply when you tweet your own phrases – if anybody tweets your phrase, it will automatically be clickable, linking through to the content of your choice. And its not just Twitter that this works with, but most social media platforms, messaging apps and on-line forums will also do this.

Who uses them?

The other really surprising thing about our phrases is that they are so intuitive for mobile users, people are using loads of the phrases already, even the ones we've not even sold yet.

We get around 1500 to 2000 visitors a day using phrases we've not yet sold. That means, if you buy a well known phrase, like Homes.for.Sale, the chances are it will come with visitors already using it, even before you start promoting it.

And its not hard to guess what people who use the phrase Homes.for.Sale are looking for, meaning that most of the visitors are not just random people, but people who are almost certainly looking for the service you offer. As all you pay is a fixed annual fee, it might well be the cheapest way to buy targeted visitors for your site.

It will boost your search ranking

Along with these benefits, every time you use the phrase online, you get an search ranking boost against that phrase.

This means your search ranking against that phrase are improved each time the phrase is used. The mechanism for this is quite complex and not fully understood, but we've previously posted an article discussing this phenomenon and offering a technical explanation (that require some knowledge of HTML coding).

Again, this could be the cheapest way for you to buy a search ranking boost for the phrase you are trying to optimise for.

Can I buy any phrase I want?

Sadly, No. We can only sell phrases where we have the world wide exclusive rights to the last two words. Furthermore, the number of last words to choose from is currently limited to about 1000, and not all last words in that list can make useful phrases, e.g. XYZ!

Our most popular phrases are those ending FOR.SALE, FOR.MEN, OF.LONDON and IN.LONDON, but we have a range of other endings to choose from and a facility to search for phrases that are still available.

Affiliate Marketers Wanted

If you have clients who might be interested in our phrases, we run an Affiliate Program which means you can promote and/or resell our phrases without having to risk any of your own cash.

Alternatively, you can buy a phrase, or take it out on a 30 day free trial, and sell it on, if you think our asking price is too low!

Not only will you get a commission on all sales that result from your recommendations, but you will also receive a commission every time they are renewed – for the lifetime of the phrase.



We are currently looking for Marketing Affiliates to earn commission by promoting our unique Keyword Domain Names. If you are interested please enroll, or if you have any question, just get in touch.