Domain Name Resale Agents


For registrars, web hosting providers, ISPs (collectively called "domain name resale agents", or just "agents"), we support a fully-RFC[*] compliant EPP interface as well as providing a web managment interface for reporting and manual processing of domains.

We also offer agents a minimum discount of 40% on all domian prices.

When you join as an agent, we will open a trading account for you and you must give us a deposit of a minimum of £300 (GBP), which will go into your trading account.

As you buy domain names from us, the cost will be debited from your account.

If you wish to use EPP to buy premium domain names, the minimum deposit is £500 (GBP). Although the web interface will always allow you to manually buy premium domain names.

We can also set a limit on your account of the maximum grade of domain name (Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum) you are allowed to buy over EPP. This will normally be set to Silver unless you specifically request otherwise.

If a domain is available to purchase, but is outside your EPP grading range, an EPP domain availability check will say it is not available with the message "Premium Domain", and you will need to purchase the domain manually.


[*] RFC-5730, RFC-5731, RFC-5732, RFC-5733, RFC-5734 & RFC-5910

Our Domain Name Resale Agents


We are currently negociating with a number of Domain Name Resale Agents, their names will appear on this page when they start offering our names.