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    Allocation Rules

    All domains and back-orders are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no exception to this.

    We make every effort to ensure the process of acquiring Names.Of.London domain names is fair & open and is seen to be fair.

    Names that consist of a mixture of different international character sets may be subject to additional inspection.

    Names that contain unicode symbols or graphic items will not be allowed. The only exception to this is Braille.

    You should use the WHOIS service on the Names.Of.London web site to ensure you are the owner of a Names.Of.London domain name before taking any further steps.

    Registrars will often queue name registrations and executed them in batches, so just because you have paid the registrar does not mean you already own the name.

    As soon as we receive instruction from the registrar, we will reserve the name for Owner they have specified. The only reason the name may not go live would be if the Registrar's account does not have the fund to pay for it. If this is the case we will hold the domain for 7 days awaiting bank-transfer.

    Please note, however, unlike many ccTLDs and original gTLDs, but in common with most new gTLDs, Names.Of.London operates a differential pricing policy.

    This means that instead of all names having the same flat price, names are categorised into Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings, and all products on that domain (e.g. Pruchase, Renewal or Back-Order) will be priced accordingly.

    Where a name is already in ownership, it is possible to purchase a Back-Order on that name. This will ensure you are the next owner of the name if it would have otherwise returned to the open market.

    However, if the present owner renews the name, then you may not acquire the name.

    For more detailed information, please see our FAQ and ensure you fully understand how back-order works before purchasing one.

    We only sell one Back-Order per domain.

    If you do acquire a name by a BackOrder, it will come with the expiry date set to the day it was transferred to you. You will therefore need to immediately purchase a renewal on the name, or it will expire and be returned to the open market.

    As the cost of a new name is higher than the cost of renewing a name, the cost of [backorder + renewal] is not much more then the cost of buying the name from new.

    If your backorder is unsuccessful in acquiring the name for you, there are NO REFUNDS. You must make the judgement for yourself as to how much you want the name, and how likely you think is it the current owner will buy a renewal.

    We also provide a form so you can contact the current owner, even if their contact details are hidden, in order to make them an offer for the domain.

    Please note, however, there is no guarantee they will respond, or even if they have kept their contact details up-to-date.


    Dispute Policy

    Although Names.Of.London is not an ICANN controlled registry, never the less, Names.Of.London follows the standard ICANN "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" and will treat as binding the findings of any of the ICANN approved dispute Providers.

    For more information, please see or search for the policy at Google.

    It is widely recognised, supported by all new gTLDs themselves, and widely recognised by agents in the fields of intellectual property and domain name dispute resolution.


    Data Privacy

    With the exception of the DNS server, Names.Of.London host all servers in the UK so all data protection and privacy issues are covered by UK and EU law.

    Names.Of.London are registered with the UK Data Protection Registry,, Registration Reference: ZA153000.

    In order that your domain can be reached from the entire internet, the domain name and DNS information must be published and made available to the entire internet.

    All contact information you provide to us is private to your account and will never be stored on servers outside the UK.

    At both the domain and contact record level you can choose how much of your contact information is exposed to the public in the WHOIS, including the option of exposing none.

    All contact records created by a registrar are private to them. They can be used to authenticate that you are the owner of the domain, but you will never be able to own, or login, using their records.

    If you wish to have your own login to our systems, you must create a login record that you own. This is to ensure your privacy.

    WHOIS is a public service run by registry operators so people can find out who owns a domain. It is necessary should you wish to purchase an SSL certificate for e-commerce. For more information, see Google.



    Names.Of.London offers a 7 day no-quibble, no-questions-asked, full money back-guarantee.

    If you are unhappy with your Domain Name, you are entitled to a full refund within 7 days of receipt of your payment.

    If you choose to exercise this right, on receipt of the refund your purchase will be immediately rolled back, this may mean you loose all rights over the domain name, and it will be returned to the open market. This applies to Domain Names bought directly from our site.

    Domain Names bought through Registrars, Web Hosting Providers, ISPs or any other Agents you instruct to buy a domain on your behalf, are also subject to their Terms & Conditions. Please ensure you understand their Terms & Conditions, and how they may differ from ours, before making your purchasing decision.


    Domain Renewal Policy

    Domains must be renewed or, 60 days after the have expired, their ownership will return to the Names.Of.London and may be put back on the open market.

    However, we understand circumstances can change, so we give the owner a grace period, after the domain has expired, during which they still have the exclusive rights over the domain name.

    From expiry, for the next 14 days, the name will remain active and working.

    From the expiry date, for the next 60 days, the name will remain reserved in the name of the current owner and can be renewed at any time.

    PLEASE NOTE: Terms for domain expiry & renewal may differ if you buy the name through an agent, as you will also be subject to their Terms & Conditions.


    Domain Delete Policy

    For domains that had been live in the zone file, for 60 days after expiry, the original owner will retain exclusive rights over the domain.

    If an application for a new domain is to be paid for by credit card, the domain will be reserved no more than 7 days awaiting payment.

    Once the domain is beyond its expiry date by more than 60 days, its ownership will return to Names.Of.London and it may be sold again.

    The delete process will happen in a batch job that starts at 00:30 UTC every day.


    Domain Transfer Policy

    Domains can be transferred from one registrar to another, from a registrar to direct owner control, from direct owner control to a registrar or from one direct owner to another.

    Any transfer into a registrar MUST include renewing it for at least one year.

    All transfers required that you obtain an AuthCode from the entity that currently controls the domain. If this is not possible we have ways you can set this, so long as you have access to the mailbox of the Owner Contact. All necessary instructions are in our FAQ.

    If a receiving party requests that a domain is transferred to their control, and they provide the correct AuthCode, the transfer will happen immediately.



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